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Monday, 21 September 2009

Gearing up for Winter - Part 2

Boosting circulation is important in boosting defence against infection; it will help promote good health during the chilly winter months. Circulatory stimulants are also important; they act either near the heart and surrounding blood vessels (such as hawthorn) or near the surface of the skin (such as ginger or ginkgo). Improving blood flow will enable the body to derive the best from the diet with a proper balance of thos vital vitamins and minerals. This can enhance weight loss regimes without compromising on essential nutrients as well as maintain energy levels which often lags with a poor diet. These important changes can be made through initial consultations with a medical herbalist or a clinical nutritionist. This process can address a host of nutritional deficiencies as well as medical problems associatd with a bad diet. Improving the quality of the diet will automatically improve the nutritional status and consequently help ward off the many ailments that are common during the winter months. It will also optimise health and well-being. Herbal immune boosters will also be essential particularly if susceptible to infections - herbs such as echinacea is great as a prophylactic (taken as a preventative measure) but others such as ginseng and garlic can also be extremely useful.
Seek help by consulting a medical herbalist (find a registered practitioner through or a clinical nutritionist (find a registered practitioner through

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