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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A proper start to the New Year!

As with all New Year starts, there is a bewildering array of advice, information and instructions on the usual ‘detox’. Much of this is really about sensible eating and moderating alcohol intake. However, there are only 3 key secrets to success when it comes to 'detox diets’ and creating a 'new you’ in the New Year:

  • discipline
  • determination
  • will power
Crash dieting is disastrous for the body and never to be recommended, as are slimming pills and other 'natural’ diet pills. To regain a healthy body after the festive season requires a nutritious diet and a calorie intake matched to physical exercise and energy output. There are no quick solutions to weight loss and to sustain a healthy body throughout the year quite often, requires:
  • radical changes to the diet (choose healthier options to the usual culprits)
  • plan an effective exercise regime (to suit your constitution and one that you are likely to stick to)
  • make important lifestyle changes (aim to achieve that elusive, all-important work-life balance)

For help and advice on nutrition and exercise or to help with a diet plan, contact the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (http://www.bant.org.uk/) or the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (http://www.nimh.org.uk/) to help you achieve effective and long-lasting changes to your body through proper nutrition, exercise and herbal supplementation.

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