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Saturday, 12 June 2010

From holiday distress to a de-stress holiday

Given the recent political and economic events both nationally and globally, and the impact that it has had on individual households, a holiday has become more important now than ever before. With increasing workloads, the pressure to make funds stretch further for longer, the desire to escape from it all is ever pressing if only to retain a sense of balance and sanity. The mindset of many UK travellers has been the traditional ‘jump on a plane’ approach to distant shores with golden sands, aquamarine seas and plenty of summer sun. This doesn’t seem to have changed much despite the stringent financial climate and rising costs of air travel (not mention the environmental impact but that is for another post….). However, the recent grounding of all European flights due to volcanic ash, the industrial strikes affecting some airlines and the general disruption and chaos that has ensued has generated much angst and distress to numerous holiday-makers. The solution is simple. One needs to recognise and identify what a holiday means, its value and its purpose. Events such as these has highlighted more than any other that the 'typical’ summer holiday can easily result in more holiday distress and exacerbate any existing physical or mental condition and does nothing to boost emotional or spritual well-being…. the very thing that a peaceful and relaxing holiday is meant to help with. Even those lucky enough to escape the airport fiascos going out tend to worry about the potential mayhem awaiting them on their return flight. It is hard to see the appeal of air travel these days and it may be sensible to ask: 'who needs this aggravation?’ A dictionary definition aptly describes the word holiday as a 'season of rest, relaxation, idleness and recreation’. This is certainly not in accord with the hassle of air travel and the debacle that can cause immense stress and does little to support this definition. Therefore , a break from the 'ol routine should suitably recharge and rejuvenate the mind, body & spirit. Useful suggestions for a stay at home vacation or so commonly termed a 'staycation’ are:
Walking Holidays
Explore the Lake District, Highlands of Scotland, the Pembrokeshire coastline, the stunning Yorkshire Dales, the Sussex Downs, the West Country (Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall…). Get the children involved in nature and cultivate an appreciation of natural habitats and wildlife from a young age.
Spa Retreats & Health Resorts
Pamper yourself at a health spa or a health resort for a complete holistic approach to a holiday. Recharge the batteries and spend time pursuing gentle activities such as yoga, meditation, tai-chi to restore the health of the mind, body & soul. Educate yourself on good nutrition and detox and invigorate the mind and body by other activities such as cardiovascular exercise, swimming and massage. Highly recommended for the 'burnt-out’ professional!
Activity Holidays
For the adrenaline junkies there is a range of activities such as water sports, walking, cycling, hill-climbing and rock-climbing… kids may love it too! Summer of 2010 is predicted to be a scorcher in the UK so consider camping or caravaning for an extended stay.
Home Swap Holidays
There are numerous holiday companies that specialise in these types of holidays… it is a convenient and cheaper way to have a holiday away from home (even if it is in another part of the country). It obviates the hassle factor and expense of air travel not to mention the cost of accommodation.

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