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Thursday, 20 July 2017

SCARY clip of a plane crash

Firefighters responded to a plane crash this morning at Keene and Sunset Point. No injuries were reported to the two occupants.

The very thought of a plane crashing is extremely terrifying. And to be an unwitting witness to the same can give you many sleepless nights. Two police officers from Pinellas County in Florida, US, were caught in a such a situation when they saw a plane crash right in front of their eyes. The incident happened on November 19 at around 10 am, when the two police officers were answering a call for service.

In the video, one can see the plane flying dangerously low and crashing moments later. The officers rushed immediately to help and the entire footage was captured in the officers’ dash cam. The video was posted by Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office on their Facebook page, where it is says that the pilot and the passengers thankfully remained unharmed.

Photos of the rescue operations were later posted on Facebook by the Clearwater Fire and Rescue Department. The plane’s wing was completely destroyed.


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