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Monday, 4 December 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweet about ‘attacking FBI’ goes viral after Trump’s tweetstorm

Screengrab via TheWhiteHouse/YouTube 
  1. On Nov. 3 last year, Sanders wrote: “When you’re attacking FBI agents because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing,” presumably a jab at then-candidate Hillary Clinton.
  2. Amid the FBI making announcements regarding new findings in the investigation into her private email server.
  3. With Trump’s numerous tweets attacking the FBI on Sunday, the tweet has gained some new life.
  4. Trump called an agent of the FBI investigating Clinton”Very dishonest,” “Phony,” and called the agency’s reputation “In tatters.”
  5. Foxandfriends Clinton money going to wife of another FBI agent in charge,” Trump wrote in a series of tweets.
  6. “After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation, running the FBI, its reputation is in Tatters – worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness Report:”ANTI-TRUMP FBI AGENT LED CLINTON EMAIL PROBE” Now it all starts to make sense!”.
  7. As Trump raged on Twitter about the FBI over the weekend, Sanders’ tweet caught the attention of some Twitter users.

The Most Hated Woman in America.' Linda Tripp, who has not spoken on camera for two decades... Tomorrow: All about 'dangerous' Hillary.

Donald J. Trump spent a apportionment of his Sunday, presumably after church, lashing out at the world, including the FBI and its former Director James Comey. In an unprecedented fashion, Trump bloody his own Intelligence group as the ‘worst in history’ and claimed that it was in ‘tatters.’
“After years of Comey, with the artificial and prejudiced Clinton review (and more), using the FBI, its repute is in Tatters – misfortune in History!” President Exclamation Mark tweeted. “But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.”
We do not know since he capitalized story and tatters, though.
Trump also pounded former FBI Director James Comey to call him a liar. “I never asked Comey to stop questioning Flynn,” he tweeted. “Just some-more Fake News covering another Comey lie!”
Trump sent out mixed tweets blustering his own agency, which resulted in FBI agencies banishment back at his claims.
It was just last year that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, now the White House press secretary, tweeted a response to Taegan Goddard, who wrote at the time, “Deep opposition to Hillary Clinton exists within the FBI, mixed business sources have told the Guardian, spurring a fast series of leaks deleterious to her campaign just days before the election.”
“When you’re aggressive FBI agents since you’re under rapist investigation, you’re losing,” Sanders tweeted in 2016 just before the election.
Twitter users pounced.
Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office that banishment “nut job” Comey eased vigour on him, according to the New York Times.
“I just fired the conduct of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a genuine bulb job… we faced good vigour since of Russia,” he pronounced in May. That’s taken off. … I’m not under investigation.”
The stream passenger of the White House didn’t just launch a fight on U.S. Intelligence agencies, he launched a fight on intelligence. In 2016, Sanders shielded the FBI over Hillary Clinton. In 2017, she’ll back up her boss’s attack on the FBI because special warn Robert Mueller is shutting in on his administration. Because, it’s not Hillary Clinton who will be sealed up, after all.

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