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Sunday, 17 December 2017

The funniest wildlife photos of 2017 are just as wild and hilarious as you'd expect

A laughing mouse and a baby polar bear hitching a ride on its mom's backside are just two of the hilarious pictures featured in the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. 
The competition features images that are "light-hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things," according to the award's website. The winners were announced Thursday. 
The overall winner of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was a photo of three owls. In a series of four photos, one of the owls struggles to hang on, as its friends look the other way. 
Here's a look at some of the winners and finalists of the annual competition: 

This is one of the many images in the The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2017. This is a Celebes Macaques, in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Indonesia.  KATY LAVECK FOSTER

A baby dormouse seems to be laughing on a yarrow flower. Andrea Zampatti says "I was hiking on a mountain close to my hometown in Italy when I heard a strange squeaking from the woods and ... I found this cute baby dormouse on the top of a yarrow flower."  ANDREA ZAMPATTI

Young elephant seals react to each other at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery, San Simeon.   George Cathcart
A Polar Bear mother with a cub trying to catch a ride in the Wapusk National Park - Manitoba, Canada.   DAISY GILARDINI

A Green Turtle slapping a Napoleon Maori Wrassen in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.   TROY MAYNE

A pack of wild dogs playing and lounging on this sand road in the Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa.   TINA STEHR
Little owl nestlings in Opusztaszer, Hungary.   TIBOR KERCZ

Tiny fish in Sipadan, Malaysia.   TANAKIT SUWANYANGYAUN

Three joyful elephant seals on the South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean.   ROIE GALITZ

Wild red kangaroos are most active in the early morning.  ANDREY GILJOV

An early morning stretch from a sleepy sea otter in the Elkhorn Slough, Calif.   PENNY PALMER

Two mudskippers sing their hearts out on tidal mudflats in Krabi, Thailand.   DANIEL TRIM

This Gnu and its shadow at the watering hole at the hide in Mkhuze park, South Africa.   Paulette Struckman

This wild rabbit is collecting nesting material in Flanders, Belgum.   OLIVER COLLE

A tiny chameleon not quite in camouflage in Ramat-Gan, Israel.   NADAV BAGIM

A squirrel scratching himself in Gothenburg, Sweden.   JOHNNY KAAPA
This Duck seems to leave a plane trail in Preston, England.   JOHN THREFALL

Fox Cubs playing in Co Meath Ireland.   JOHN SHERIDAN

A Blue wildebeest stands on a mound of others in Masai Mara, Kenya.   JEAN JACQUES ALCALAY

Chameleons such as this one in Andasibe, Madagascar, are peculiar animals. When they reach the end of a branch they wont stop like most animals. They will extend their bodies and wave their arms in search of another branch to grab onto.   JASMINE VINK

A mother bear and cub are playing in Suomussalmi, Finland.   Hannele Kaihola

Golf is a frustrating game and if you've ever picked up a club, you've wanted to do this. From San Jose.   DOUGLAS CROFT

A black bear seems to show off his disco move in the forest of the Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.   CHRISTOPHER JAMES MARTIN
Three king penguins approach the only church on South Georgia Island.  CARL HENRY

  A playful Kamchatka brown bear in Kamchatka, Russia.   BUDKOV DENIS

In Florida, female Burrowing Owl looks exhausted as four of her owlets vie for her attention.  BARB D'ARPINO

A seal in San Diego looks to be getting a good laugh about something.   BRIAN VALENTE

Two king penguins stand firm while another, with his expression, seems to be giving them orders in the Falkland Islands.   MIQUEL ANGEL ARTUS ILLANA

A burrowing Owlet photographed in the Salton Sea, Calif.   Melissa Usrey

It looks like this mother Brown Bear bear just wants some peace and quiet in Martinselkonen, Finland.   Melissa Nolan
A Japanese Macaques, or Snow Monkey, near Nakano, Japan.   Linda Oliver

This mountains gorilla is making grimaces after he came out of the bush after the rain in the Virunga National park, Rwanda.   Josef Friedhuber

Giraffes watch as a plane lands in Masai Mara Kenya.   Graeme Guy

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